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Inspired by Gann




Make a regular income using the methods of WD GANN

We are traders first, trading Ganns methods, but we have a small group of dedicated Gann followers, whom we work with very closely to develop executable and profitable trading plans based on Ganns methods.

We offer 2 weekly newsletter products, which are closely focused on Ganns methodology and trading, we also conduct semi regular workshops and private tuition.

There is no doubt Gann studied Geometry, Ancient Math, Astronomy, Numerology, and Physics, applying his knowledge to the markets. Today there is a drift toward seeking answers in the Esoteric, to which it should be noted Gann did not openly devote his writings, and it is interesting that at his death the charts on his desk were swing charts!

        We invite you to join us on that journey.


Our objective is to distil his work, and deliver, as Gann did, a realistic plan for success.


        Another difficulty faced by the modern reader is that Gann wrote nearly 100 years ago. Writing styles were different then, and charts were difficult to reproduce. Thus, many people today find his books and courses impenetrable, and in the absence of a chart they are frequently the subject of misinterpretation.


Almost everyone picks elements of the original writings which appealed to him or her, often jumping to the obscure seeking the holy grail, without necessarily attaining the basic knowledge and skills needed to be successful.

In ancient times, all important knowledge was passed on from master to student. In this way the teacher could be certain that it was duplicated correctly. Gann left plenty of students, but none of these ever wrote about what he taught them. As a result, all modern writings have had to attempt to reconstruct what the Master was doing. While some have been very successful in doing so, many others have gone off on tangents.


Unfortunately, at his death he left no ‘successor’ as such, and his writings fell into obscurity. In recent decades they have been revived again, but have suffered a frequent fate of knowledge, which is to be interpreted through the eyes and ears of the reader.

During his life he wrote extensively of his methods of forecasting and analysing markets, at various times in his career he focussed on education, teaching many to analyse and trade.

"I received my IBG II about 3 weeks ago and have been totally inspired.

I would like to thank you, Jon and Des for your efforts. You have taught me how to fish. 

I'm not a fisherman but I understand that the concept of the difference of teaching someone how to fish or just giving them fish. When I first subscribed to the almanac I just wanted fish, but I learned that I wasn't on a charter boat that is captained by an experienced fisherman that takes your money and gives you fish. 

Your boat is one that passes on years of knowledge to people that want to learn how to fish. 

Trading is a bit like fishing. you never know if your going to catch any fish when you set out on your trip. When you first start fishing you go out without any idea of what fish you could expect to catch. After a while you learn that certain fish require different bait and different equipment. 

      Then you learn that different tides or cycles give you a better probability of success. The masters of the charter boat are the ones that focus on a small number of varieties of fish and know when its a good time to go fishing.

      Thank you for teaching my how to fish."