Inspired by Gann


​How to trade like  W.D. Gann Volume 2
Author: ​Timothy J Walker

Eight years have passed since I published my book How to Trade Like W.D. Gann

I am very excited to announce that I have written a second book, which will complete the exploration of Gann’s mechanical trading method.

The contents are as follows:

· Chrysler Motors (1935) – the further development of the US Steel system, using the weekly chart, which    Gann said was the best for trading stocks.

· Soybeans (1941) – a campaign lasting just over one year that turned $1,000 into $57,000.

· Rye (1946) and Cotton (1946) – two separate examples illustrating the full version of Gann’s trading system, which he expanded to 29 Rules plus instructions about resistance levels and how to determine a change in trend.

· Soybeans (1950) – a development of the system for commodities using the 2-day swing chart , expanding the  rules from the 1946 lesson and giving the most detailed examples of how Gann says to trade.

                                                                        ·  Eggs (1949) – another lesson on the 2-day swing chart, showing how to combine signals from different contracts

                                                                           and containing what Gann calls a ‘cinch’ trade.


                                                                        · Rye and Soybeans (1954) – a lesson for beginners written near the end of Gann’s life,

This included  ‘the greatest advance in May Soybeans in history’, turning $3,000 into $94,000 in 8 months!

As a special bonus, in two of these lessons Gann also gave examples of actual trades that he took himself at the time. 

All of the trades, including Gann’s own trades, are illustrated by charts, so that they can be easily followed. There are 150 charts in the book. I believe that anyone who studies these lessons of Gann’s studiously will have the tools to improve their own trading performance immeasurably. These lessons are some of the greatest gems of Gann’s work, for they show us how to turn knowledge into profits.

How to Trade Like W.D. Gann II consists of two volumes. The first is the text and commentary by me. The second contains full-page versions of all of the charts, along with copies of all the relevant original lessons of Gann’s. There is no need to have any other material in order to get the most out of the book.

At this stage, I expect that the book will be published around the middle of September by the Institute of Cosmological Economics, who also publish my first book. 

The retail price will be US $950, plus postage.

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