Inspired by Gann

Krabi Workshop Recordings

The full set of recordings from the 2nd Inspired by Gann workshop held in Feb 2018 provided in Flash drive format. With over 30 hours of educational, inspirational and thought-provoking material, focussed on trading for day to day income.

How to trade like W.D. Gann

Tim Gathered the data line by line over several years to help understand GANNS US Steel Lesson, the result is one of the most defining books on Ganns mechanical method, the way Gann Taught it.  He examines Ganns' courses and every trade in detail, not by interpretation, but in regard to GANNS own words - this is a must have for the serious Gann Student looking to be a profitable trader. 

Ganns Supply and Demand Letter

A newsletter that examines the current markets on a day by day basis, showing real time examples of how to use Ganns methods to trade for profit in different time frames.  It focuses on the trials and tribulations of a trader, as well as the mistakes, highs and lows of the industry. Designed to give a foundation of Ganns work and to be built upon each week with new tools without confusing the reader.  

The Almanac

Designed to give traders the tools to be successful this newsletter that examines one of Gann lessons each week and discusses how to incorporate it into a usable trading plan It also has in-depth commentary on the Share Price index each week.