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Ganns Supply And Demand Letter

Author: Jon Kirk

First published by WD GANN nearly 100 years ago, W.D. Gann wrote a weekly service called the Supply and Demand Letter.  

Lambert Gann thought so highly of the content of the letter, it was agreed to brand it “The Supply & Demand Letter” as well.

This weekly newsletter service is designed to keep you up to date with opportunities in the marketplace and assist you in learning how to use Gann's Mechanical System to achieve your trading goals.  Jon discusses his experience, shortcomings and discoveries, all ideas for the avid trader.

The Supply and Demand Letter is published weekly-usually Friday evening (PST-US).  You will get an email with a link to the newsletter each time a new newsletter is published.  We will have a minimum of 48-50 issues per year, (currently Jon is delivering 52 ) barring holidays or circumstances beyond our control.  

That's 49 weekly educational lessons from the source-49 nudges to improve your trading..

The Supply and Demand Letter is a worthy read for both new traders and seasoned professionals looking for an edge.  It is written in real time each week with current chart examples from markets traded by us - including the E mini, Crude Oil, Silver, Gold, Soybeans, and Bonds.  Market action will determine which markets are covered from week to week. 

The Supply and Demand Letter discusses not only the markets, but offers some commentary on concepts that effect our mindset every day.  It is written by a successful full-time trader who has been there and done that.  Topics such as the difficulty of trading a small account, money management, and risk mitigation when you are dealing with large accounts are within the newsletter.

The weekly newsletter's size will vary along with the markets covered.  Most issues come in at around 15 - 20 pages of manageable, comprehensive content, with lots of charts to aid in comprehension.

The newsletters intent is to accelerate the learning of the powerful, simple Mechanical Method Gann used time and time again in the market.  

Whilst the author is a successful forecaster as well (and we build on these concepts-often pointing to potentially tradeable turns), if you are looking for the holy grail to the next top or bottom, this may not be for you.  If you want to trade profitably on a weekly basis, with a very high win to loss ratio, you can't afford not to have this on your desk each week.

A mini course is provided to get you started or caught up, and shortly, all back issues will be available to add to your library.


​​About the Author

Jon Kirk has enjoyed a successful career in corporate re-structuring, strategic planning and logistics, he calls himself the corporate janitor, cleaning up companies in trouble and placing them on the road to success. He has bought and owned several of his own businesses, turning them around before selling them and moving to the next opportunity.

Jon first discovered W.D. Gann in the late 1980’s, although he did not really take it up until early 2000, when he sold his last business and transitioned to a full time private trader. 

He has studied with many of the “names” in the industry, and travelled far and wide researching W.D.Gann's methodologies and myths.

Jon has studied here with us at W.D.Gann Inc, for almost a decade and he is one of the few people in the world with access to the Gann Vaults.  He has spent a great deal of time with us here and we appreciate him working with us on the Supply and Demand Letter.

He said he would never teach, and certainly never write, but circumstances arose that had him give a 5 day presentation with his good friend Tim Walker in Nov 2016.  To introduce himself to the attendees, he began writing a small newsletter for Tim's group.  The newsletter caught on and has continued to grow.

He has agreed to continue this for us!!  The Supply and Demand Newsletter is born.  

Jon writes in a no fuss, straight to the point, “show me the money“ style. He writes about the markets he is currently analysing and trading, showing details many newsletters cannot or do not. This is very refreshing in an industry that uses smoke and mirrors to market...

We have seen his results as well…… quite incredible!  Jon is the real deal-he started a small trading account just for this newsletter and it continues to grow..

This is not a list of trade recommendations, it is designed for you to follow along, learn the methodology so you can trade successfully in your own right.

But read carefully, there are hidden gems in those simple words.


Cody Jones – Lambert Gann

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