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Know your  numbers

By Jon

Dec 26, 2018 marked an important low in the Emini. 

The first high from which the retracement broke a previous swing was March 4.

The retracement was only 4 bars into March 8 which is 49 trading days from Dec 26.

GANN knew this was important, just as 14 November is im...

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Does the Date matter 

By Jon

Do you know the relationship between the September 21 top and Fridays turn ?

WD GANN did, and our subscribers do too, they all knew to watch this date for a turn months in advance. 

 As for the price level WD GANN said watch carefully the 7/8th retracement of the previous range around these ...

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Did you miss todays move in the Indexes?

By Jon

 The E-mini took a plunge of around 94 full points from yesterdays close, some $4700 USD per contract !

Our subscribers were expecting the plunge, they had the timing marker, and the set up, and the methodology to trade it.

What's hidden in this chart ?

What did Gann see no one else coul...

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Planning creates Success

By Jon

It's been a while since I posted anything here, this year has been lost in planning and research, and trading.

The thing I have learned is that planning and preparation whilst boring yields results.

We planned to run our workshop this year in February - any Idea why ?

Do you think we may have had a pla...

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By Jon

By popular demand we will be conducting the 3rd in our series of 'Inspired By Gann' workshops in Bangkok in September 2019

The event will be held from the 1st - 6th September 2019 (inclusive).

at the Grand Hyatt  Erawan in the vibrant city of Bangkok.

The past 2 events they were held right on larg...

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