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Did you miss todays move in the Indexes?

By Jon

 The E-mini took a plunge of around 94 full points from yesterdays close, some $4700 USD per contract !

Our subscribers were expecting the plunge, they had the timing marker, and the set up, and the methodology to trade it.

What's hidden in this chart ?

What did Gann see no one else coul...

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Crude follow up....

By Jon

Crude bounced on schedule . 

Join our happy subscribers and learn why we were watching this the frame and price. 

And how to trade it .

Where too Now ?

Do you have a plan ?

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Will Crude Bounce ?

By Jon

Crude oil fell out of bed into the weekend.

Support now around the old tops in yellow , and the 1x1 angle and 50%

Gann 101 

Will it stop or will it go deeper, the high volume on Friday may be stopping volume for a bounce at least.

( Mini Crude chart shown here mirrors the big guy )

Now its...

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