Inspired by Gann


By - Jon
13.02.20 03:14 AM

Inspired by Gann iv

We have agreed to run another workshop in the successful Inspired by Gann series.

This hands on event will be held between 

16 - 23  January,  2021

at the beautiful 

Westin Siray Bay Resort in Phuket Thailand 

We will be covering things like :


                                           Mindset: the thing that most people ignore for years until they find that the person making 10 times 

                                                       as much money as them is using the same techniques, only using them much more effectively

                                           Swing trading:  a strategy so simple that many traders ignore as being only for beginners, yet which we 

                                                       have both proven to ourselves and previous attendees to be the SUREST WAY  to make consistent profits;

                                           Form reading:  the key to understanding HOW to put your trading plan into operation. 

                                                      Gann was a master at it, as he was at swing trading;

                                          Time, Price, Angles, even some cycles and Astro: – plenty of advanced techniques for those who are 

                                                      already trading well  but are looking to gain an edge.

You will see how to develop a plan, test it and then implement it on your own charts 

as we step through a market day by day, charting and paper trading it up to the workshop date.

This means you have an up to date chart that YOU have created under our guidance,

and have worked with, ready to take back to your own office and use ! 


If you think this could help you achieve your trading goals and

have not received the information and want to know more  please email us at : 


Numbers are limited, click here to  contact us  for more information on the package