Inspired by Gann

Know your  numbers

By - Jon
10.11.19 12:12 PM

Numbers were important to Gann

Dec 26, 2018 marked an important low in the Emini. 

The first high from which the retracement broke a previous swing was March 4.

The retracement was only 4 bars into March 8 which is 49 trading days from Dec 26.

GANN knew this was important, just as 14 November is important to watch for a change in trend or a reversal at least.

Could the First Range out repeat ?    Is there any other math to support this theory ?

In this weeks Supply and Demand letter we looked at potential targets, and their relationship to numbers.

More important than the target  is recognising the time relationship between March 4,  Mar 8 and June 3, and

between Dec 26 and June 21 in time and pattern, and having a plan to use this information.

Count the bars between Dec 26 and Sept 13.   Is there a relationship between Sept 13 and Nov 14 ??

These are some of the things that GANN was using to underpin his mechanical system.

Remember, as GANN said, TIME is more important than price.

If we are alert and have a plan we have a better chance of success.

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