Inspired by Gann

Seasonal Dates

By - Jon
04.02.19 03:13 AM

Will +/- Feb 4th be a Significant turn.

Gann was a proponent of what has happened before will happen again.

He studied dates in great detail and made many observations, many of these we share in our weekly newslettersas the markets unfold.

Monday is Feb 4th is one of Ganns seasonal dates which we follow in the Almanac and Supply and Demand letter.

What do we observe of the E-mini from last year ? 

The top was January 31 and the initial low was Feb 6th 

( + 2days - Feb 4th last year was actually over a weekend.  ) and 

February 9th was the retest low.

Do these things work ?

 Well another seasonal date September 21 called the yearly high, and Dec 26th very close to the Dec seasonal date was the yearly low. ??

Would this be worth watching and having a plan in mind.?  

So what might happen?  

1. The 4th could become a lower top in the big picture, we have after all retraced 62.5% of the Sept to Dec move. 

2. Could we drift lower to make a higher bottom for a bigger move up in this time frame?

Remember the move in January is one of the largest in history. Stay alert, and Have a Plan.

We insist our subscribers have a plan are kept abreast of these things so they can act. Will You?