Inspired by Gann

Planning creates Success

By - Jon
23.11.18 10:12 AM

Being fore armed is being forewarned but how?

It's been a while since I posted anything here, this year has been lost in planning and research, and trading.

The thing I have learned is that planning and preparation whilst boring yields results.

We planned to run our workshop this year in February - any Idea why ?

Do you think we may have had a plan?

Do you think there is a reason our next one is in September 2019?

Those who read our newsletters understand the value of planning and implementation.

Planning breeds success - take a look at the chart from when we met in February, a 349 point run in the E Mini - we expected it, we traded it.

How much of it did you trap ?

Would you like to know how to plan for this kind of event ?