Inspired by Gann

Market bottoms on Schedule 

By - Jon
08.07.19 10:09 AM

Angles and the bigger picture

People become attached to their short term charts . GANN always looked at the bigger picture - I thought I'd share this beautiful Piece of GANN in action.

The CME Emini contract one of the most liquid contracts in the world.

Here we look at a weekly chart, and a correctly scaled angle from the low in December to the high in May - When this angle broke the market did exactly what Gann said it should, it went to the next support the 1 x 2  - which held the June pull back and created a Double bottom on 7 June.

Just happened to be 90 degrees from the March low !  Simple Gann -  90 degrees before the June low. 

Do you have a plan to trade these things, or a way to track them ?

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