Inspired by Gann


By Jon

We have agreed to run another workshop in the successful Inspired by Gann series.

This hands on event will be held between 

16 - 23  January,  2021

at the beautiful 

Westin Siray Bay Resort in Phuket Thailand 

We will be covering things like :



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Know your  numbers

By Jon

Dec 26, 2018 marked an important low in the Emini. 

The first high from which the retracement broke a previous swing was March 4.

The retracement was only 4 bars into March 8 which is 49 trading days from Dec 26.

GANN knew this was important, just as 14 November is im...

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Market bottoms on Schedule 

By Jon

People become attached to their short term charts . GANN always looked at the bigger picture - I thought I'd share this beautiful Piece of GANN in action.

The CME Emini contract one of the most liquid contracts in the world.

Here we look at a weekly chart, and a correctly scaled angle...

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Planning creates Success

By Jon

It's been a while since I posted anything here, this year has been lost in planning and research, and trading.

The thing I have learned is that planning and preparation whilst boring yields results.

We planned to run our workshop this year in February - any Idea why ?

Do you think we may have had a pla...

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