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An Introduction to Practical and profitable Gann

Workshop Recording 

coming soon 

Perhaps this is the event that should have come first. !

We did not think we would be  able to record it but we managed to so it will be available shortly Covid has slowed down the editing..

The response from the attendees was overwhelming  and positive.  I never know how it will come out when I put these things together. IM looking to give maximum bang for the time invested by our students. Some long term clients attended and here's some feedback " 

the recording covers the 2 days intensive course, in its raw form. It demystifies some myths and focusses on what you need as a solid foundation to GANN, showing how you can use his teachings to fund yoru ongoing study of his material if you wish. 

It's inspirational and thought-provoking material, focused on trading for day to day income .

US $1250 

This inclusive 2 day live in Workshop covered:

   -  Who Was Gann

   -  What did he study

   -  What did he leave 

   -  How to approach his material.

   -  How to create proper charts and How to interpret them

   -  Basic rules for trading

   -  Basic mindset and why its important

    -  Developing a Gann based plan

   -  Hand charting and paper trading the plan bar by bar on a real market

   -  Review of 2020 and example of what can be achieved.

   -  and much more 

The package includes a digital copy of all slides and material and charts used in the 2 day workshop so you can follow along .

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"I received my IBG II about 3 weeks ago and have been totally inspired. I would like to thank you, Jon and Des for your efforts. You have taught me how to fish.  I'm not a fisherman but I understand that the concept of the difference of teaching someone how to fish or just giving them fish. When I first subscribed to the almanac I just wanted fish, but I learned that I wasn't on a charter boat that is captained by an experienced fisherman that takes your money and gives you fish. Your boat is one that passes on years of knowledge to people that want to learn how to fish. Trading is a bit like fishing. you never know if your going to catch any fish when you set out on your trip. When you first start fishing you go out without any idea of what fish you could expect to catch. After a while you learn that certain fish require different bait and different equipment. Then you learn that different tides or cycles give you a better probability of success. The masters of the charter boat are the ones that focus on a small number of varieties of fish and know when its a good time to go fishing. Thank you for teaching my how to fish."