Inspired by Gann


​William Delbert Gann

The Legacy

WD Gann was an inspirational and legendary trader between 1900 - 1955. 

He was a prolific writer, an educator, a mesmerising form reader and exceptional trader.​

W.D. Gann was born in 1878 in Lufkin, Texas, the eldest of 11 children in an impoverished cotton-farming family. He neither graduated from grammar school nor attended high school as he was needed at home to work on the farm.  His education mainly came from the Bible (he was raised a Baptist), which he referred to constantly, and in the cotton warehouses, where he learned about commodities. Gann started his trading career working at a brokerage firm in Texarkana. 

In 1903, a year after he began trading in the stock and commodity markets, Gann moved to New York City to work at a Wall Street brokerage firm. He soon opened his own firm.  Gann was a great observer,  and observed the mistakes made by his clients and learned from them as he further developed his strategy.

In 1919, Gann began publishing a daily market letter called The Supply and Demand Newsletter,  covering stocks and commodities on a weekly basis and making yearly forecasts.  In 1923, he started another publication calledThe Busy Man’s Service,  in which he gave specific trading recommendations.  He also wrote a number of books throughout his life, including The Tunnel Thru the Air (a coded science fiction novel containing some of his core ideas) and45 Years In Wall Street.  Late in his career, he sold a ‘master course’ to private students for $5,000 apiece (roughly equivalent to $50,000 today and not the Master Commodities course currently in the main stream).


He was a believer in Cycles, and from his study of the bible often quoted the Book of Ecclesiastes: “That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new, under the sun.”  He believed everything occurring in markets has historical reference points.  Essentially, everything has happened before and will eventually repeat itself. He studied ancient geometry, astrology and numerology to investigate how market events and specific numbers repeated in various time cycles.

On the subject of CYCLES he says - To make a success you must continue to study past records, because the market in the future will be a repetition of the past. If I have the data, I can tell by the study of cycles when a certain event will occur in the future. The limit of future predictions based on exact mathematical law is only restricted by lack of knowledge or correct data on past history to work from.

Gann identified a number of cycles as importance; the 60-year cycle as being of major importance. He stated:"This is the greatest and most important cycle of all, which repeats every 60 years or at the end of the third 20-Year Cycle. You will see the importance of this by referring to the war period from 1861 to 1869 and the panic following 1869: also 60 years later – 1921 to 1929 – the greatest bull market in history and the greatest panic in history followed. This proves the accuracy and value of this great time period."

In November 1928, Gann issued an "Annual Forecast for 1929" which predicted the end of the great bull market of the 1920s on September 3, 1929 (the crash actually occurred on October 24) .

He also referred to the 90-year cycle – and it is interesting that 2019 will be 90 years after the financial crisis of 1929, which itself occurred roughly 90 years after the Panic of 1837.  Gann's famous 144 count would have the 2019 time frame 144 months from the 2007 top!

​Jon Kirk

Trader, Author, Presenter

Jon has a background in Strategic Planning, Logistics and corporate management.  

He has been studying Ganns methods for over 20 years and successfully trading this methodology full time for 12 of them as a private trader.

Jon is an accidental educator, he is a trader first, and has a very direct "where the rubber meets the road" approach and focuses on using the techniques left by Gann to generate regular income from the market.


In 2016 his good friend Tim Walker asked him to collaborate on a workshop in Thailand,  3 workshops and more than 200 weekly newsletters later and the rest is history …

Jons’ view is that trading is a business, he uses his business skills coupled with Ganns methodology to focus on one thing … Profit.

Trading is more than buying and selling, it's capital and cash management.


Jon has a long history with Lambert Gann  inc. who own Ganns Archive,  and writes a weekly newsletter  ‘The Supply and Demand Letter’ penned under the name Gann used  for his weekly newsletter in the 1900's.-  with real time trade examples. 

Like Gann, he tries to distil the knowledge to something that is usable and valuable today before venturing into the more esoteric.

​Timothy J. Walker

Trader, Author, Educator

Tim first heard of Gann in 2003. At that time, he didn’t know one end of a bull from the other end of a bear. A background in law and communication helped with the analytical task of pulling Gann’s work apart piece by piece.


He started trading in 2006, and from mid-2007 worked on the trader’s help desk at Safety in the Market, where he had done his trading study. In 2008 he began presenting seminars for Safety in the Market, and continued to do so until the end of 2012, when he moved to base himself in Thailand.


Since then he has published a book on Gann, called How to Trade Like W.D. Gann. Along with his good friend Jon Kirk, he has presented three workshops under the banner of Inspired by Gann, in 2016, 2018 and 2019.

He also publishes the Gann Trader’s Almanac weekly newsletter.